Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Customers Warm Our Hearts

parknticket.com Park'N Ticket Airport Parking is thrilled to announce that more than 200 coats were collected for local charity, LIFT UP Atlanta.  This coat drive benefits homeless and low income neighbors here in Georgia.  Customers dropped off coats on their way out of town during the LIFT UP before LIFT OFF program.

Travelers taking part in this program received 50 frequent parker points for every coat they donated.  They can use these points for free airport parking at Park’N Ticket.  We gave away more than 10,000 points, which amounts to more than 150 days of free parking.

The LIFT UP before LIFT OFF coat drive lasted the entire month of November.   Jodi Nicholson of Park’N Ticket thanks customers, “Our customer’s giving spirit really exemplifies what this season is all about.”  General Manager, Diane Dalton recalls, “Employees really got into the spirit as well.  They would be grinning from ear to ear each time they brought in coats dropped off in the shuttles.” 

LIFT UP Atlanta is a local organization, which provides homeless and working poor in the metro Atlanta area with safe housing, food, clothing and other services designed to help them meet their basic needs. The coats will be distributing by this 501c3 charity.   An employee reflects, “It was exciting to see the mountain of coats pile up, knowing every coat would make difference for someone in need.”

Monday, December 9, 2013

DETOUR On Over to Park'N Ticket

The Atlanta Airport is in the midst of an inbound roadway improvement project.  This traffic causing undertaking is due to continue through April.  What does this mean for you?  Major traffic headaches, if you plan on parking at any of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport’s lots.  These detours and delays will cost you time and anxiety.  Instead, park one mile away at Park’N Ticket and let us navigate the detours for you.

It seems to be a secret that there are options beyond the Airport’s own parking choices.  More travelers will explore these choices to avoid driving through the airport’s construction maze and heavy congestion.  Families traveling are quickly finding out what corporate travelers have known for years, Park’N Ticket offers a better choice for their airport parking needs.

Park’N Ticket will pick you up at your vehicle and assist you with your luggage.  No hauling bags through a parking lot.  We will drop you off at your airlines terminal, allowing you to relax on our comfortable shuttle and avoid the stress of driving around the construction.  Upon return, our shuttle will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your car.  We will even send you home with a complimentary drink. 

Why add stress to your travels?  Park’N Ticket is the stress free and FASTEST WAY TO THE RUNWAY!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Parking, Easy as Pie.

Every holiday travel season it happens . . . the local news reporting that the airport parking is FULL.   Panic ensues and stress levels boil over. RElaaaaax.  PLENTY of parking is available.  No hunting or hassle necessary.

Though many travelers during the holidays may travel once or twice a year, they don’t realize that there are thousands of spaces a quick shuttle ride away.    In fact, customers can even reserve a spot online for FREE.   

Park’N Ticket Airport Parking will pick you up at your car where our friendly drivers will assist you with your luggage.  Our comfortable shuttle will drop you off at the domestic or international terminal.  Upon return, our complimentary shuttle will pick you up at grounds transportation and return you to your car.  No walking, no luggage to haul, and no hassles. 

At Park’N Ticket, you can even have your car washed or detailed while you are away and return to a shiny ride home.  Your pet can stay with our affiliate, AirportPark’N Bark just 2 blocks away.  AND, we treat you to a complimentary cold drink of your choice for your ride home.   

Don’t believe the holiday hype.  Come park with us.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Park’N Ticket is encouraging you to LIFT UP before LIFT OFF.  This huge coat drive will benefit homeless and low income neighbors here in Georgia.   We are giving 50 Frequent Parker Points, which can be used towards free parking, for each donated gently used coat.  

The LIFT UP before LIFT OFF coat drive will last the entire month of November.  We hope to have hundreds of coats for LIFT UP Atlanta.  LIFT UP Atlanta is a local organization, which provides homeless and working poor in the metro Atlanta area with safe housing, food, clothing and other services designed to help them meet their basic needs. The coats will be distributing by this 501c3 charity.

We really enjoy giving back to the communities that have made their success possible.  Our company and our family believe in giving back to our community. We are excited about this program and the positive impact it will have on our neighbors.

Coats can be dropped off any time since we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Gently used and clean coats can be dropped off at Park’N Ticket, located at 3945 Conley St. in College Park.  Customers flying out can drop them in the donation containers on their shuttle.

Our customers love a great deal.  How can you beat cleaning out your closet, getting points towards free airport parking, and helping out your neighbor all at the same time? It’s a win-win. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting Teed Up for Charity

Park’N Ticket recently had the honor of being one of the many sponsors for the Third Annual Y Golf Open.  This event was Atlanta’s LARGEST charitable golf tournament spanning 6 Canongate Golf Clubs and involving 20 YMCAs.  We were so impressed by all of these wonderful people and companies coming together to raising funds to provide programs for youth and teens at your local YMCA. 

We know we have many customers who would love to participate on some level with such an amazing event.  Several have already contacted us wishing they had known about the 2013 event.  We plan that for the 4th annual Y Golf Open, Park’N Ticket will organize some teams and sponsors.  We will keep you posted!

Thank you to the Robert D. Fowler YMCA for allowing me to tag along and experience some of the most giving people.  You must love what you do EVERY day!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Planned Spontaneity


I am spontaneous,   but in an extremely planned way.   Oxymoron you say?  I disagree.   It is all about knowing about the area you are traveling.   A little research can add options that you can switch up on the fly. 
Here are a few tips for a planned spontaneous vacation:
  1. The main attractions - Chances are you are visiting a specific area for a reason.  There is something there you want to experience.  Find out all the details up front.  What are the hours, the price, and the parking situation?  Do you need reservations?  Should you arrive early? Do they have a behind the scenes tour?  It would be a huge disappointment if you did not get to see a specific attraction because they are closed that day or sold out.   
  2. Where are you staying?  Read the reviews!  Do they offer breakfast, Wi-Fi, free shuttle to airport, free parking?    This information can make a big difference in your stay.
  3. How are you getting around?  Find out if a car rental, taxis, local transit, or just hoofing it makes more sense for the area you are visiting.  Some areas may have extraordinarily high parking fees that effect your decision.  Other areas have everything you want to see in walking distance.
  4. You HAVE to eat.  Take in some locally recommended restaurants.  Yelp.com  is a great tool for this.  Keep the name and address of several that appeal to you and have great reviews.   You can choose from this pre-checked list.  You aren’t limited to this list, so get the local’s tips before you arrive.  
  5. Weather or other circumstances may change your itinerary. To enjoy a trip, you’ll need to be able to “roll with it”.  Plans change, events are cancelled, it rains, the show is booked, etc. so be ready with back-up options.   Have some side trips or activities pre-scouted in case you find yourself with extra time.  This could include a great shopping district, artist’s area, historical tour, or museum.   
  6. En route - You never know, you might drive right by a Bigfoot museum.  Check to see if there is anything worth pulling over to explore.  If you find yourself wanting to take a break from driving, you’ll know where to stop.   

This research is much like packing.  Now you have a suitcase full of all the clothes you’ll need, and many you won’t.  Just because you brought that blue sweater, doesn’t mean you have to wear it.  It also doesn’t mean you can’t buy a sweater while you are there.  But if you get cold, it is wrinkle free and ready to keep you warm.   

I’m not suggesting you schedule every minute of your trip.  That can actually add stress.  However, knowing what to expect can alleviate stress. Plan to be spontaneous!

Here are some tools I use when I plan a trip:
  • Yelp.com is a wonderful source to scout our restaurants and bars.
  • Tripadvisor.com is my first stop.  They have terrific lists of attractions and helpful forums.
  • Check out the area’s own website for local tips.  Many offer travel guides.
  • Of course, I always reserve my airport parking at parknticket.com

Happy Travels!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Face to Face

As our world becomes more virtual, with email and social media having a strong impact on the way companies communicate, the value of face-to-face meetings should not be overlooked.

 Just as in a personal relationship, if it is not nurtured it will fail.  You must look into each others eyes, share a meal, discuss your needs, or someone else will.  Just as in a personal relationship, a face-to-face meeting creates a special connection and builds trust.  Getting to know your customers on an individual level goes a long way in forming strong business relationships. 

·         According to U.S. Travel Association, business travelers are nearly twice as likely to convert prospects into customers with an in-person meeting, than without one.

·         If you don’t foster your relationship, your competitor will.  Business travelers believe that 38% of their customers would switch to a competitor and their companies would lose 37% of annual sales without in-person meetings, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. 

·         A substantial return on your investment, every dollar invested in business travel results in $9.50 in new revenue and $2.90 in profits.

As our country faced a recession some companies choose to reduce their travel budget.  As so many virtual options became available, this decision seemed to make financial sense.  However, studies have shown that businesses who did invest in travel during this period actually had faster growth than companies who cut their travel budgets.

Meeting face-to-face clearly has a great effect on generating new sales, keeping existing customers, developing partnerships, and spurring innovations.   Fostering business relationships takes multiple tactics that include corporate travel AND virtual communication.  Face-to-face meetings are a critical part of your communications strategy.

Tip: Help your corporate travel budget by arranging a corporate rate for airport parking at  http://www.parknticket.com/corporate-form.shtml.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Are We There Yet?


Due to the $637 million in sequestration budget cuts, FAA employees have been furloughed.  This includes 15,000 traffic controllers.  What does this mean for Atlanta travelers?  The Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest passenger airport.  It is logical that with 10% fewer air traffic controllers one day every other week, there will be delays. 

You can limit the effects of these delays, while we wait for the government to resolve this problem. 

·         Avoid traveling Monday and Friday.  They are the heaviest travel days. 

·         Take direct flights whenever you can. Connections increase your chances of delays and you risk missing your connected flight. 

·         Get to the airport earlier than normal.  This keeps you more flexible for potential itinerary changes.

·         Don’t book the last flight of the day.  You may end up getting stuck overnight.

·         Carry on only.  If your flight is canceled you will not have to spend MORE time hunting for your bags.

·         Plan for a delay.  Don’t overbook yourself. 

·         Track your flight.  There are tools available from your airline and other sites.  Most will email you with an alert. 

Other useful tools:

Trak-a-line - receive updated security wait time information to your e-mail, PDA or mobile device.

Trak-a-flight- will email you notice of delays, cancellations, and schedule changes for a specific flight.

Tripit will send your mobile alerts of delays and cancellations.

Park’N Ticket Parking Reservations: Make a FREE online reservation for your airport parking.

Happy Travels!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Traveling With Fido

More of us are traveling with our pets.  Over 63 percent of pet owners consider their pet to be part of the family and 18 percent of U.S. adult leisure travelers usually take their pets with them when they travel, according to Travel Horizons.  Airlines, airports, hotels, and other services wanting to cater to pet owners are all making it simpler to take them with us.  

The Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport has created a 1,000 square foot dog park.  It is a great area to walk your pet and let them stretch their legs and do their business before boarding a plane.  The Atlanta Airport has two smaller pet areas as well.  Clearly they know what their customers need. 

Our affiliate, Airport Park’N Bark, now offers pet transportation as well as boarding.  They are licensed by the USDA as Intermediate Animal Handlers.  They are also members of the Animal Transportation Association.  They will pick up your pet at the airport and either take them to the Airport Park’N Bark resort OR deliver them to your door.  Of course, if you are not able to take your pet with you, they have fantastic boarding facilities just 2 blocks away from Park’N Ticket.  Airport Parking and Pet Boarding together for your convenience.

There are endless products and services aimed at pet owners.  The travel industry is finally catching on to this trend.  Check with your airline for their specific rules, book a pet friendly hotel, and travel with Fido!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Special Weekend Rate

Park’N Ticket knows that families are traveling less.  When they do travel, they want the best deal. We are announcing a special weekend rate with them in mind.  We are expecting to fill the lot with families looking to save on travel expenses.  We know they are out there, hunting the internet for the low-cost vacation options.
Park’N Ticket had set their weekend special rate at $8 per day for every weekend in February.   This rate is a full $3 less than the normal fee.  With competitor’s rates being as high as $13 per day for offsite and more than $30 at the airport’s lot, this is one of best deals travelers will find.  This special is for uncovered self -parking on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  There is no minimum stay required.  There is NO coupon to print out.  Just show up!

Park’N Ticket received the Kudzu Best of 2012 award and known for our excellent service.  In addition to open self- parking, we offer covered parking and valet.  Our service is the” Fastest Way to the Runway” and is now an even more economical choice for weekend travelers. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Take Advantage of Corporate Programs

Is your company taking advantage of all airport parking perks and discounts available to them?   At Park’N Ticket, we want to save your business money, time, and aggravation.  If your company has more than 20 unique travelers per year, you qualify for corporate discounts and advantages. 

Competitive and customized rates will save your company money.  Have a corporate program built around your needs while still earning FREE parking.  We make it easy for you to stay on top of your expenses with monthly billing and online expense tracking.   
Simply said, Park’N Ticket is The Fastest Way to the Runway.    Park with the closest lot to the airport and enjoy the quickest shuttle service.  Your staff will be picked up at their car as soon as they park.  There is NO walking and complementary luggage assistance.  We can guarantee parking availability with our FREE online reservations with uncovered or covered parking options.

We understand the needs of your corporate travelers.  A large meeting space is an available option with our corporate rate.  Your staff will also have access to a warm and dry “Meet Up” area with FREE WiFi and restrooms.  Park’N Ticket offers options to your team to save them time while they are away.  They can have their car detailed, serviced with one of our affiliates, and board their pet with Park’N Bark. 
Your personnel will never need to worry about returning to a dark lot and a car with a flat.  They will be welcomed home to a secure, well-lit and fenced with 24 hour monitoring.    Our emergency assistance will get your corporate travelers going again with a battery jump, inflate a flat tire, and help retrieve keys from their locked car.  At our fast check out, Park’N Ticket sends everyone home with a coke or water for their ride home.
Park’N Ticket will make your corporate parking an effortless part of your travel program.  Enjoy the benefits!  Fill our online form to get started or call us directly at 404-669-3800.