Monday, December 7, 2015

Free Barking, ooh, I mean Parking.

Park’N Ticket Airport Parking is offering free uncovered parking to guests of our affiliate, Wag Atlanta, while your pet is boarded at the 3872 College St. location.

We are offering free airport parking during your pets stay all the way through the month of May in our uncovered parking section.  Guests receive a free parking voucher at their pet’s check in and 50% off their pet’s first stay, all to celebrate Wag Atlanta’s grand re-opening.  The idea of our partnership is that guests can check in their pets any time of the day, park 2 blocks away, and be whisked to the airport all in just a matter of minutes. 

We know our guests don’t always travel during normal business hours, so knowing that our partner, Wag Atlanta, always has staff on site is crucial for us. This service will be helpful for customers juggling hectic travel schedules.  Most kennels keep regular hours, forcing many travelers to leave their pets boarded longer than necessary.  Wag Atlanta has team members on site 24/7 to watch over your pets and provide customer service, saving you time and money.   And as always, Park’N Ticket’s service operates 24/7, complementing the convenience.

This is just the newest perk available to Park’N Ticket’s guests.  We have had a kennel affiliation, car wash, electric vehicle parking, dry cleaning, and other vehicle services available for many of the 31 years we have been in business.  We are always looking to add value and convenience for our guests.

Wag Atlanta is located at 3872 College Street in College Park, GA.  They are taking reservations for holiday boarding, and immediate boarding.  For more details about Airport Park’N Bark call 404-762-5050 or visit