Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On Air!

Recently, we had the pleasure of representing Park’N Ticket Airport Parking as guests on the “Belinda Skelton Atlanta Living” radio show.  My cousin, Kelley Moultrie, and I were joined by our general manager, Diane Dalton, to sit behind the mic for the first time in our lives.  Belinda put our nerves at ease with her welcoming manner.  She is such a pro!  We have been listening to Belinda on WSB radio for at least 20 years.   It was great to go behind the scenes and see the wizard behind the curtain.

We are so thankful to Belinda, her show, and WSB radio for having us on to highlight our local and family owned business, celebrating our 30 year anniversary.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss not only our company, but also the many benefits of parking offsite from the Atlanta airport and the changes we have seen in our 30 years in business.    

In case you missed it, you can hear it here.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Celebrating 30

30 years ago, three brothers planned a company from only a sketch drawn on a paper napkin. Together, they created the first travel agency with airport parking and shuttle service.   Park’N Ticket Airport Parking continues to be the only locally and family owned offsite airport parking in Atlanta.

The Oldknow brothers have an innate entrepreneurial spirit that led to this challenging endeavor.  They started with no experience in a highly competitive market and have grown a company with over 30 team members, 1,600 parking spaces, a covered parking deck, and a fleet of 9 shuttles.  The motto, The Fastest Way to the Runway, rings true in thousands of business traveler’s ears.  They flock to our facility, choosing its short distance from the airport and attention to service, for their travel needs.

The travel agency that was the “ticket” portion of Park’N Ticket, was sold in the 90’s in response to the enormous changes in that industry.  Younger brother, Larry Oldknow, sold his part of the business to explore other opportunities.  Twins, Bill and Bob, continue their involvement, though now as advisors.

Bill and Bob expanded on their core idea of “customer convenience” over the years by affiliating with other local businesses that would benefit their guests. Airport Park’N Bark, a pet kennel created by the brothers, is just one of these.   They partnered with several local car dealers, who provide car repair services for their guests while they are away.  A rewards program integrated software that allows guests to view their receipts online, make free reservations, and link a credit card for quick check outs, all while earning free parking. 

Guests’ needs have continued to change along with the travel industry over the last 30 years and Park’N Ticket has anticipated and met those needs.  Several new services, including  dry cleaning, car detailing, and electric car plug in stations, have been added in the last year.  We are always on the lookout for services that can simplify our guest’s travels.  If we can make their day a little easier, we are thrilled.  From day one, we welcomed our guests back with a coke or water for their ride home.  We know it is little things that can really make a difference in someone’s day. 

With the twins now retired, the next generation continues the family owned business with the support from our favorite advisors. Bill’s daughter, Kelley, has been hands on at Park’N Ticket from day one.  She and I, Bob’s daughter, now oversee the business under the watchful eye of our fathers.  We are so proud of our dads and what they built.  It is really exciting to celebrate this incredible milestone with them.
We differ from our competition because our family owned style extends in every way to our guests.  There is always someone here.  This is our corporate office.  We have real relationships with our guests.  We really listen to our team members and guests and can adapt to the feedback we receive very quickly.  Our Angel Parking

, providing free parking for cancer patients flying out for treatment at MD Anderson, is one example of that. 

This is a tremendous milestone for Park’N Ticket.  We have a very personal appreciation for each of our team members and guests.  We hope we continue to make them happy and keep celebrating anniversaries.