Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Travel Tips

1. The lightest holiday travel days will be Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  If you can plan your travels for these days, you can avoid larger crowds and longer lines.  The heaviest winter holiday travel day is Friday, December 19th.  Avoid flying on this day if at all possible.

2. Ship those gifts ahead of time.   If you plan on traveling with gifts, you will want to wait until you land before wrapping them.  Wrapped gifts may be opened and inspected by TSA.

3. Don’t waste time driving in circles, hunting for parking at the airport.  Park’N Ticket Airport Parking has plenty of parking and provides FREE online reservations.  Book your space now.

4. Reserve a spot for your pet at Airport Park’N Bark, just 2 blocks away.  Park’N Bark will give you a coupon to park with us for just $5 a day, while your pet is being boarded.

5. Sign up for Trak-a-Flight, a free service from the Atlanta Airport that delivers updated flight information to email accounts, PDAs or mobile devices.  

6. Check TSA line wait times online at www.atlanta-airport.com, or sign up for Trak-a-Line to have real-time checkpoint wait times sent to email accounts or mobile devices.

7. The Atlanta Airport suggests you arrive 90 minutes before domestic flights and 2 hours before international flights.   

8. When you arrive to our entrance gate, check the sign for the FAST LANE.  It will direct you to the lane where our shuttles are picking up.  This will get you boarded and to the airport quickly.

9. Leave your keys with your shuttle driver and come home to a detailed car.  

10. Before you leave our shuttle, double check that you have your keys and your phone.  These are the 2 most commonly left behind items.

11. Don’t forget to use those frequent parker points you have collected all year!  Register your card and simply tell your cashier you would like to pay with your points.  You receive 1 day free of uncovered parking for every 66 points.  

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 8, 2014

St. Jude Success!

Park’N Ticket Airport Parking is so proud to have been a part of the St.Jude Give Thanks Walk.  The Atlanta event raised more the $200,000 for the kids of St. Jude, with the help of over 2200 walkers.  This charity walk was an incredibly positive and fulfilling event and we were honored to be there. 

Our Park’N Ticket team had such a blast sponsoring the Kid Zone.  We painted dozens of smiling faces and handed out balloons to excited participants.  We met the walkers at the finish line and greeted each with a “thank you”.  They gave this event it’s “legs” and made it happen. 

Park’N Ticket was happy to donate $5,000 to St. Jude and raised an additional $1,200 with the help of our generous Park’N Ticket guests.  This disease has affected the lives of many in our family and team.  This walk was very personal for us and we truly appreciate all who took part in it.

More than 66,000 St. Jude supporters in 65 communities across the county participated in the walk, raising more than $8 million.  Way to go! The funds they raised will help St. Jude change the way the world treats and defeats childhood cancer in our community and around the globe.