Thursday, April 25, 2013

Are We There Yet?


Due to the $637 million in sequestration budget cuts, FAA employees have been furloughed.  This includes 15,000 traffic controllers.  What does this mean for Atlanta travelers?  The Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest passenger airport.  It is logical that with 10% fewer air traffic controllers one day every other week, there will be delays. 

You can limit the effects of these delays, while we wait for the government to resolve this problem. 

·         Avoid traveling Monday and Friday.  They are the heaviest travel days. 

·         Take direct flights whenever you can. Connections increase your chances of delays and you risk missing your connected flight. 

·         Get to the airport earlier than normal.  This keeps you more flexible for potential itinerary changes.

·         Don’t book the last flight of the day.  You may end up getting stuck overnight.

·         Carry on only.  If your flight is canceled you will not have to spend MORE time hunting for your bags.

·         Plan for a delay.  Don’t overbook yourself. 

·         Track your flight.  There are tools available from your airline and other sites.  Most will email you with an alert. 

Other useful tools:

Trak-a-line - receive updated security wait time information to your e-mail, PDA or mobile device.

Trak-a-flight- will email you notice of delays, cancellations, and schedule changes for a specific flight.

Tripit will send your mobile alerts of delays and cancellations.

Park’N Ticket Parking Reservations: Make a FREE online reservation for your airport parking.

Happy Travels!